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At Bean Capital, we understand that finding the right advisor can be an arduous task.

Whether you are a high-net-worth individual or just starting out on the road to investing, securing the right advice on your investments and placing your money in the best possible vehicle for the highest returns available is key.

At Bean Capital, we acknowledge that all our clients are unique with differing goals, requirements and circumstances. Clients aiming to accumulate capital, preserve assets or generate new income streams always receive tailor-made investment advice that allies with their individual objectives.

Your dedicated Bean Capital financial advisor will conduct a detailed review of your existing investments, assets and risk tolerances before providing you with advice, guidance and/or recommendations. They will also conduct an analysis of your current situation, future objectives and needs, as well as your liquidity requirements and any changes you may be anticipating over the coming years. 


Bean Capital will ensure that you are aware of the different investment opportunities available to you, such as:

• bank deposits and money market funds
• guaranteed investments
• fixed income
• investment funds
• discretionary portfolio management services
• secondary market and IPO opportunities 

Impartial Investment Advice

It is our guarantee that you will receive, impartial advice, with no obligation on your part, whilst ensuring confidentiality is always provided. Our highly skilled and experienced investment advisors will help you identify and develop an investment strategy that is bespoke for you and ensure you are on track to hit your goals and targets.

Contact us to discuss how we at Bean Capital can assist you in reaching your financial objectives. Our team will guide you through the entire process and complete all the work from start to finish whilst removing the stress and red tape which can sometimes stifle and delay putting a strategy into action. 

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At Bean Capital, we acknowledge that all our clients are unique with differing goals, requirements and circumstances.

Capital Protection Investing

Offshore Investing 

Retirement Planning

Low Cost Investment Strategies

Our global network of advisors and analysts bring decades of experience and best practice, and are able and capable of pinpointing trends and strategies that follow Bean Capital’s mantra of accumulate, appreciate and preserve.


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