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Low-Cost Investment Strategies

Bean Capital provides several options when considering access to low-cost investment portfolios/ products. Each product is specifically designed to cater to your needs as a retirement investor. A low-cost investment fund (or exchange-traded fund) will track popular markets and shares and provide you with a return on your investment in line with their realizations.

Low-Cost Investment Strategies
Low-Cost Investment Strategies

All our exclusive managed portfolios are:

• frequently rebalanced – ensuring that the risks associated with certain investments are limited through diversification
• diversified – to balance the risks and benefits of investing in multiple markets through our managed portfolios
• simplified – so that you can make an investment decision quickly and easily with the help of our advisory team
• lower cost – allowing you to invest a larger proportion of your capital directly into the fund. 

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At Bean Capital, we acknowledge that all our clients are unique with differing goals, requirements and circumstances.

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Low Cost Investment Strategies

Our global network of advisors and analysts bring decades of experience and best practice, and are able and capable of pinpointing trends and strategies that follow Bean Capital’s mantra of accumulate, appreciate and preserve.


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